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Wanda City brand officially released, mascots debut

Mar 30,2016

Wanda City brand officially released, mascots debut

On March 26, the Wanda Cultural Tourism City brand Launching Ceremony was held in the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Beijing.

With the substantial investment and the broad scale, Wanda Cities are designed to be a series of small cities with multiple functions such as holiday resorts, entertainment parks, commercial and residential areas, etc. A Wanda City is not an upgraded Wanda Plaza, it is an innovative product of Wanda Group.

Audience of the ceremony also witnessed the exciting launch of Wanda City's mascot—the "Wan Series". The cute image of the "Wan Series" has left a deep impression on the audience.

At present, the "Wan Series" includes 11 members, each having its unique characteristics and representing a specific city in China. For instance, the mascot of Xishuangbanna is a "Prince of Dai People", reflecting the culture of Southeast Asia and Dai ethnics. As for the Wanda City in Hefei, the mascot is a "child in tiger costume with a drum", originated from the famous folk music named Fengyang Drums. Another example is the "baby panda" mascot, representing Chengdu. Each mascot is elaborately designed in order to reflect the culture and characteristics of the cities and projects.

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