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Suzhou Wuzhong Wanda Plaza opens

Dec 12,2015

Suzhou Wuzhong Wanda Plaza opens

Suzhou Wuzhong Wanda Plaza opened on December 11, becoming the 131st Wanda Plaza opened nationwide.

As Wuzhong District's largest urban complex in terms of floor space, Wuzhong Wanda Plaza is a complex that brings together six major business formats, namely shopping center, five-star hotel, quality residences, Wanda Golden Street, SOHO apartments, and high-end office space. In particular, the shopping mall includes four anchor stores - Wanda Cinema, Wanda Kids Place, Super Player Arcade, and Yonghui Superstores. Wuzhong Wanda Plaza brings together merchants of close to 1000 brands. With a one-stop total retail experience model, it will bring an end to the absence of high-end retail venues for Wuzhong residents.

After Wuzhong Wanda Plaza opens for business, it will also provide many stable employment opportunities to society, create more tax revenues annually, and help Wuzhong's economy grow further.

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