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104th Wanda Plaza opens in Jiangmen city

Dec 05,2014

Wanda Group opened its latest Wanda Plaza property in Jiangmen on November 28th. The opening attracted close to 350,000 people and total sales hit 35 million yuan. The arrival of Jiangmen Wanda Plaza is expected to change the urban landscape of the city.

The day featured numerous opening attractions, including a paragliding show, fashion show, a Pakho Chau concert and a series of discount activities. Wanda Department Store, Wanda Cinema, Kidsland and other stores such as Starbucks, Haagen-Dazs and UNIQLO were crowded with people.

As the largest and comprehensive shopping center in the city, Jiangmen Wanda Plaza is poised to become the city's key business and shopping destination.

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