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Wanda's 'Beijing Love Story' makes record debut

Feb 18,2014

Wanda's 'Beijing Love Story' makes record debut

The poster of "Beijing Love Story"

Wanda's 'Beijing Love Story' makes record debut

Leading actor and actress of "Beijing Love Story" take a photo with fans in a Wanda Cinema.

Wanda's Beijing Love Story, written and directed by Chen Sicheng, brought in over 102 million yuan in box office revenues on its opening day, February 14, catapulting it to the top of the Valentine's Day box office charts.

The film further exceeded expectations by bringing in over 200 million yuan in its opening weekend. Since its release the film has broken five records including the highest opening day for a 2-D Chinese language film, highest box office for a 2-D Chinese language film on a weekday, highest grossing Valentine's Day love story release, quickest Chinese language film to gross 100 million yuan and the highest grossing 2pm release.

Industry insiders are optimistic about the films screening potential and if judging the films current form is anything to go by, then "Beijing Love Story Fever" may persist for some time.

In addition, Wanda Cinemas' total revenue on Valentine's Day hit a record high of 38.8 million yuan. Wanda Cinemas headquarters spent a month preparing for Valentine's Day promotion. Cooperating with Wanda Plazas, cinemas rolled out a series of love-themed activities that strongly boosted the box office.

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