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Police Story shines at box office

Dec 27,2013

Police Story shines at box office

Wanda Media's latest release, "Police Story 2013", starring Jackie Chan, Liu Ye and Jing Tian opened at the box office on December 24, bringing in 66.54 million yuan in the first 24 hours, with a combined box office revenue of 116 million yuan over 2 days.

"Police Story 2013" surpassed one of last year's record breaking films, "Chinese Zodiac" and created a new opening box office record for any Jackie Chan films. 

Jackie Chan has recently expressed his desire to star in "unique films". "Police Story 2013" is the 8th sequel to the original. Hong Kong films have a tradition of introducing an entirely new cast for film sequels, which has resulted in creating a numerous big stars over the years. "Once Upon a Time in China" was one such example, showcasing Jet Li, Guan Dexing and Zhao Wenzhuo to the film world.

"The only way a film can have a positive future outlook, is to keep on redeveloping its entire cast with each sequel," said Jackie Chan.


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