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Wanda steps up new media efforts

Oct 10,2013

Wanda steps up new media efforts
Wanda steps up new media efforts

After a six-month period of research and development, Wanda Group launched its new media platform on October 10.

The platform combines the group's official Chinese and English websites, Chinese and English mobile websites, the official Chinese and English websites for Wanda Commercial Properties Co Ltd, APPs for mobile devices, and Wanda's official Microblog and Wechat accounts.

This is the first time that Wanda has introduced an enterprise portal that combines all forms of media.

A more informative and interactive official Chinese website

Wanda's official Chinese website has been fully revamped to include new design features, advanced technology such as improved publishing and video viewing and a powerful content management system. The website will provide more comprehensive and prompt news coverage for Wanda Group. The newly added Microblog and Wechat on the website are expected to improve and encourage audience interaction.

A more international official English website

Wanda's new English website has been redesigned to meet international standards. This has been made possible with the addition of foreign talent to our team to ensure the quality of our content. The official English website will serve as Wanda's window with our international audience.

Mobile APPs a convenient way to broadcast corporate message

The launch of mobile applications for IOS and Android systems have broadened our news dissemination base and made it more convenient for Wanda staff to access the intranet.

Microblog becomes Group's new voice

Wanda's official microblog account, which has gained more than 500,000 followers, emerges as an important news broadcasting channel for the group.

Wechat promotes internal communications

Wanda's official Wechat account is a newly added platform for news broadcasting. It is used to circulate group news, promotes communication among Wanda staff, and acts as a new platform to organize corporate culture activities.

***The Wanda Group is increasing its interaction with an international audience by opening dedicated accounts on social networking sites 脸书, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin. Welcoming you to Wanda's official homes on ----

脸书: (Wanda Group) https://www.脸书.com/pages/Wanda-Group/621585651206330

Twitter: (Wanda Group) https://twitter.com/DalianWanda

Youtube: (dalianwandagroup) http://www.youtube.com/user/dalianwandagroup

Linkedin: (Dalian Wanda Group) http://www.linkedin.com/company/dalian-wanda-group

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