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Annual Commercial Convention boosts co-op between brands, agents

Sep 10,2013

Annual Commercial Convention boosts co-op between brands, agents

The seventh Wanda Group Annual Commercial Convention, to be held from September 10 to 11, kicked start at China National Convention Center in Beijing.

Hosted by the Wanda Group, the convention is regarded as the largest, highest-profile and most influential event in China’s commercial arena.

With the theme of “Long-term cooperation and co-development”, this year’s event convened more than 10,000 guests, including government officials of major Chinese cities, business leaders, scholars, media, and partners.

The event includes a Wanda Plaza Brands Cooperation Fair, a Brands and Agents Cooperation Fair, and a theme forum and an award ceremony.

Wanda Plaza Brands Cooperation Fair

More than 100 Wanda Plazas, opened or to open in 1-2 years, are displayed at the Wanda Plaza Brands Cooperation Fair, making the event China’s biggest in terms of the number of projects displayed.

At the Wanda Plaza Brands Cooperation Fair, more than 60% of the brands present signed contract with the Wanda Plazas.

The Wanda Group opens about 20 plazas annually. The Wanda Plazas have extended the footprint from major Chinese cities to smaller ones and became the major force for brands, especially global brands, to expand their markets in China.

A special Smart Plaza Zone is launched to display Wanda e-commerce’s R&D results and plans.

Brands and Agents Cooperation Fair

The Brands and Agents Cooperation Fair, which is new to this year’s event, provides a seamless communication platform for brands and the agents and will witness more than 300 high-quality brands successfully contracting their national agents. Wanda Group has done a lot of preparations and investigations for the fair to ensure the success rate of negotiations between brands and agents.

"It’s not only an event hosted by a company, but also a bridge connecting the brands and agents,” said a brand agent at the fair.

Forum and awards

Famous business leaders and economists will give speeches at the theme forum, talking about the trend of Chinese consumer market, standard operation chain catering, new media marketing for enterprises, etc.

Three awards, namely the Most Popular Brand, the Best Designed Brand and the Best Partner, will be presented at the event to pay tribute to more than 1,000 brands co-developed with Wanda Plazas.

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